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    Protégé Palette


    What is it?

    SUVA Beauty’s Protégé Palette contains a versatile colour story that caters to a variety of undertones. The palette has a distinct cool tone and warm tone section. This differentiation is meant to encourage artists to revisit their knowledge about colour theory and challenge them to create looks based on complementary and analogous colour schemes.

    What does it do?

    The Protégé Palette includes 6 eyeshadow shades and 2 brilliant highlighters. Create subtle or eye-stopping looks with the buttery shimmers and velvety matte formulas. The palette is lightweight, includes a mirror and is perfect for your makeup kit or travel!

    Key Features:
    ・SUVA Beauty’s signature butter formulation
    ・Built-in mirror
    ・Cruelty free (not tested on animals!)

    Net weight: 6 x 1.2g (eyeshadows) &  2 x 2.8g (highlighters)

    ・Buttery shimmer shadows best applied with fingers
    ・For optimal colour payoff, use a patting motion with a dense dome brush (SUVA Beauty's pro brushes in Three Fifty, Five Thirty and Five Fifty)
    ・For a subtle look use a fluffy blending brush (SUVA Beauty's pro brushes in Four Ten, Four Twenty and Four Sixty)



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    Write a Review

    [email protected]

    on 2019-07-01

    really very nice surprise....

    I received this in my Boxycharm, and, I was really very happy with each shadow and the highlighters too!!! I'm actually really pissed at my daughter because I let her borrow it, and she now claims to not be able to find it, not cool at all!!! And, I now make sure that she returns my stuff right after she is done, I love Boxycharm for choosing this, and it's really why I am still subscribed to them, I consider Boxycharm to be the best beauty sub out there, and, not only do I get fantastic items, I can't give it up due to the fact that I truly would not be able to afford many of the palettes or other great things in my box,, really excellent products by SUVA, I KNOW I AM MISSING MY PALETTE, lol!!!!


    on 2019-03-07


    This is one of my FAVORITE eyeshadow palettes!!! I received this in my boxycharm box and it did not disappoint!! The colors are great and honestly I've never had an eyeshadow palette smell good. It didn't smell like normal weird makeup smell.. very blendable also I would recommend this palette!!!


    on 2019-02-17


    I love the highlight colors are beautiful but the mattes just didnt work for me. Mine was very chalky, did not want to blend, and was quite patchy. I got it in a boxycharm so with the whole box containing the pallet and 4 other items was definitly worth the $25 but i really just dont think it would be worth the actual price. Maybe i just got a wonky one or something, im not mad at it. I just wanted people to have an idea of what it could be like for them. I hope everyones pallet is as wonderful as all of the other reviews say.

    Suzie Erwin-Klein

    on 2019-01-30

    Love at first sight

    I received a pallet in my Boxycharm and it was love at first sight. I have more pallets than I can count but this has become my go to pallet! The colors are so vibrant and blendable. I'm so glad I received this one in my box!


    on 2019-01-26

    My Go-To

    This is my go-to every day! I received it from Boxycharm and I absolutely love it! Very blendable and the colors are beautiful. I can do an entire look (Day or Night) with this alone and even on days when I use my other palettes, I still incorporate something to the look from this palette!