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Six Forty Brush (Liner Brush)
Level 4 (Fine, for everyday lines)

What is it?
The Six Forty liner brush features a fine tip with longer hairs perfect for creating thicker liner application.

What does it do?
Enhance your makeup application and achieve your desired look with SUVA Beauty’s premium quality Precision Liner Brush. This synthetic hair brush is designed to meet professional standards and is ideal for precise liner work.
This handcrafted brush is the perfect tool for our Hydra Liner/FX products!

Key Features:
・Copper ferrule
・Cruelty free
・Vegan friendly

Specifications for Six Forty Brush

SUVA Swatch Six Ten or Six Twenty or Six Thirty or Six Forty



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Write a Review

Patricia D.

on 2019-04-03

Precision with Grace and Ease

10/10 recommend


on 2019-02-13


using these liners has changed my life. i cant recommend any other beauty product as quickly!!! 10/10 5 stars!!!!!! i am determined to collect all of them, and i WILL wear them until the day i die.


on 2018-11-13

Perfect for making thicker lines

Very easy to use, Suva brushes outperformed other liner brushes I picked up at a drugstore and were not that much more expensive. Worth it to use Suva brushes for their products, picks up product better and goes on much more smoothly than brushes I got locally. Specific to this brush size (I also got the six ten) - the six forty is the largest liner brush and I got it because I prefer a thicker line, was worried it would be difficult to make a tapered end, but the brush can actually do great detail work as well. The amount of time it takes me to carefully build a thicker line with a smaller brush versus this one makes the six forty a worthwhile purchase for me. I also feel like I'm better at doing a few strokes to get a smooth complete line rather than lots of little ones or trying to fill it in gradually if that makes sense. I love Suva, these are the eyeliner products I've always wanted.