Valentines Day 2018

Valentine's Day Collections - Available Now!



This Valentine's Day, SUVA Beauty wants to spread love and kindness all over the world! We're currently living in a time that needs more love than ever, so we would love to give back to the global community through our V-Day promotions.


We're super excited to be releasing two collections: "Sassy + Sweet" and "Lala Land." Each collection has a unique personality and would be a perfect gift for someone special.


A portion of  all profits from these two collections will be donated to charity, to empower and educate young people living in poverty.


This is all part of our #KindnessOutbreak initiative (SUVA Beauty's pledge to make a kinder and more positive world). Since the company’s inception, SUVA Beauty has developed its own community initiative, our Internship Program. The goal of our program is to empower young people of all backgrounds through the Arts. It's now time for us to make an even bigger global impact!