'Murica! Eh?

July 1st - July 4th,  20% OFF site-wide!


              Happy Canada Day to our fellow Canadians and Happy Independence Day to our friends down south!

              To celebrate, we're giving 20% OFF the entire SUVA Beauty website!

              Use the code: 20OFF at the checkout from July 1st - July 4th, 2019.

              We know discounts are great, but did you know....

              - Canada has more donut shops per capita than any other nation in the world? We love our donuts.
              - Hawaiian Pizza originated in Canada, thanks to a Greek-born cook, Sam Panopoulos! He was the first to pair ham and pineapple on a pizza back in 1962 
              - Insulin, IMAX and Trivial Pursuit - all Canadian. You're welcome.
              - 20% of the world's fresh water is in Canada. Mmm Fresh!

              Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's all great, but what about 'Murica!? Well...

              - Canada may have the Hawaiian Pizza, but America invented the DEEP DISH!!!!
              - Cows outnumber humans three to one in Montana 
              - America's current 50 star flag was designed by Robert G. Heft as a high school project! Impressive.
              - Wait, the US doesn't have an official language?...whaatttt 

              I think we all learned something today :)